Formula 1 in a different way: Zandvoort works on steep bend

The racing calendar of the Formula 1 will include in the 2020 season for the first time since 1985 again a Grand Prix of the Netherlands. The date is May 3 and the venue chosen for the comeback after 35 years is the same as it was then: Zandvoort. Apart from the track layout changed over the decades (then 4.252 kilometers with 19 curves – today 4.307 kilometers with 14 curves) as well as extensive modernization work , which have already taken place, one has come up with a very special highlight.

Named after the two-time Indy 500 winner Arie Luyendyk, the long right-hand bend at the start / finish straight is greatly exaggerated for the Formula 1 comeback. Banking the steep turn will be 18 degrees. This will make the last corner in Zandvoort twice as steep as the four corners of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The construction works are already in full swing. The impetus for the idea of ​​making the last bend in Zandvoort as a steep turn was, according to Erik Weijers, chief organizer of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands, the former Formula 1 race director Charlie Whiting. About half a year before his startling death, Whiting Zandvoort paid a visit to inspect the track for a possible Formula One comeback. "Formula 1 marketer of Steilkurve enthused" He was inspired by the layout of the track, the gravel beds and the The short pit lane was so impressing that he proposed placing the barrier in the Luyendyk bend next to the road to reduce the impact and reduce the impact angle, "recalls Weijers, recalling September 2018." When we sat back in the office the day after his visit, we threw the question into the room: Why do not we make a steep turn? "Weijers continues." It fits in nicely with the namesake Arie and his story in America. "And after this proposal had also been submitted to the Formula 1 marketing company FOM and this "enthusiastic" responded, the ball finally got rolling. The construction work to build banking at 18 degrees (32 percent) will be carried out by Dromo.

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