Formula 1 | Toto Wolff: Probably a Hamilton change

Toto Wolff does not rule out that Lewis Hamilton could switch to Ferrari in 2021: "I give him a 25 percent chance," he says Mercedes team principal, at the season finale in Abu Dhabi concretely on Hamilton's much-cited meetings with John Elkann, the CEO of Ferrari, addressed.The chance of a contract extension at Mercedes Wolff logically rated with "75 percent And I call this number because of more rational At the same time, there is a 25 percent chance that we can not control. "

The fact is: Hamilton met Ferrari representatives twice in 2019. No one has denied a report of the "Gazzetta dello Sport" so far. Not even Hamilton: "Everything that happens behind closed doors remains private, no matter who you meet." It does not hurt to probe his possibilities, Hamilton oil pours into the rumor fire. "A driver of this caliber," says Wolff about the six-time world champion, "knows perfectly well that he can make a difference to any team – when he was at McLaren But it was the right decision, and I do not want to make the mistake of underestimating Ferrari's potential. "How far does Mercedes go in betting odds, especially since Ferrari is known for doing so (financial) cornucopia and pay extreme fees, if the board room wants to have a driver necessarily. It's all in favor of the relationship Hamilton-Mercedes continues, says Wolff. But, "There may be other factors, such as a great deal, which you have to include in the bill." And Mercedes will presumably only engage to some degree in a bidding for Hamilton. Should Ferrari's salary on Hamilton reach astronomical heights, the Silver Arrows would be better advised to sign Max Verstappen instead. That would probably be cheaper than Hamilton in the prospect of a World Cup-capable car. In addition, Verstappen is twelve years younger than Hamilton and thus one around whom one could build the team of the future. "A sports team is never static but a dynamic structure, there will always be change, and change can also be an opportunity," Wolff explains. "I know that sounds a bit philosophical now, but when Nico [Rosberg] stopped My first reaction was that it could be a chance for us, and in retrospect, I was right, I think we made the right decision with Valtteri. "You have to know: compensating Rosberg was purely athletic difficult. The German had just won the world title at the end of 2016 and was seen as a true Hamilton challenger in the paddock. At the same time threatened the team-internal duel with Hamilton to escalate. Pulling the ripcord and creating harmony in the team turned out to be positive for Mercedes. What matters in Hamilton's decision for the future: "I know that Toto is thinking about his future and he knows best what to do good for him and his family, I'll wait how he chooses. " As we know, Wolff is regarded as the preferred candidate of Liberty boss John Malone for the post of Formula 1 boss Chase Carey. "Of course we want to know on the personal level, what makes the other," Wolff shows understanding of Hamilton's statement. "But there are so many other team members that matter to our performance, not just Lewis and me." For Hamilton, he believes, what matters first and foremost is that the team remains competitive. And not that Toto Wolff is team boss. Partly wild rumors in Motorsport Internet statements fueling new speculation: Does Hamilton make a whereabouts dependent on whether Wolff stays? Maybe both change in the package to Ferrari, as Internet media spread? Or perhaps the two have discussed with each other to negotiate the best possible terms of contract in the negotiations with Mercedes as a two-pack? It is inevitably speculated wildly when so big Transferthemen be up for discussion. And this will continue over Christmas, because until then, no final decision can be expected. "When we come back from vacation at the end of January, the beginning of February, we will define the schedule when we want to talk about everything," says Wolff. Hamilton does not push for a quick decision, "because I love what I do." But it is "smart" not to exclude other possibilities categorically, because: "This will be the last phase of my career and I would like to continue winning and prevail against the boys." "I have not thought for many, many years Always on our way and on our journey, there was very little that could dissuade me, but it can not hurt … "Vettel reacts with humor, which Hamilton would presumably replace humorously speculating: "He's a Ferrari driver anyway," he grins, leaving clueless journalists behind – only to explain that he means Hamilton's private garage: "As far as I know, he's a good Ferrari customer. He owns more than one. "Wolff hopes" very much "that his relationship with Hamilton will continue. He is namely a "strong pillar" of the team. But: "There will be components such as financial incentives, and the bottom line is that the package will give the driver a head-start, which is normal, would we all do that." Building a winning car, a good one A team spirit, a lifetime ambassador contract, and even a highly attractive fee – these are all things that Mercedes and Daimler Hamilton can offer. The myth Ferrari but not. And special rarity sports cars made of Maranello, for which Hamilton's heart perhaps beats, not even …

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