Handball Women's World Cup in Japan: Germany beats Denmark

Tuesday, 03.12.2019
14:42 clock

The German women's handball national team has also won the third game at the World Cup in Japan. The team of national coach Henk Groener celebrated a 26:25 victory against the record Olympic champions Denmark – it was the first victory in a competitive match against the Danes for 19 years. Since then, there have been four defeats in major tournaments and only one draw at the 2003 World Cup. Especially bitter was the knockout round at the home World Cup two years ago.


The DHB team led in the first half already 6: 1 (12th minute) and 10: 4 (18th), could not maintain this advantage in the form, but allowed for the entire season only one equalizer. When Denmark scored in the 51st minute to 22:22, the game threatened to top in the closing stages, but in the sequence was on the performers Julia Behnke, captain Kim Naidzinavicius and goalkeeper Dinah Eckerle rely.

Eckerle acted behind the usual 6: 0 coverage as in the opening game against Brazil (30:24) very strong and parried a total of twelve litters of the Danes. In the first half, the 24-year-old even made it 3-0 in the interim, as Denmark outnumbered strong goalkeeper Sandra Toft.

Strong defensive as victory guarantor

  The defensive work of the German players, who did not allow easy goals over long stretches of the game, played a large part in the victory. However, the Danes did not get their best day, so the team to Champions League winner Anne Mette Hansen made many technical mistakes and had to accept some goals after speeding collisions. In the DHB selection, goalkeeper Behnke convinced with seven, back space player Emily Bölk with five and Antje Lauenroth with three goals.

Read a portrait about Behnke, the only legionnaire in the DHB squad

  Germany remains the only loss-free team in Group B after the third victory at the top. However, in the pending matches against defending champions France (4 December, 11am) and South Korea (6th, 11am), each player scores points, as only the scorers are taken against the teams that join the main round , France and South Korea currently have the best starting position.

  At the World Cup in Japan for the German team is mainly about the Olympic participation: To be present at a qualifying tournament for Tokyo 2020, the European Championship tithe must at least reach the game for seventh place.

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