"Sophoulaki!": Katzenberger's Daughter Remembers Grandpa

              Monday, December 02, 2019

              Most know Costa Cordalis as a pop star and "Anita" singer. But the deceased in July musician was also father, father in law and grandfather. Especially granddaughter Sophia should find it difficult to understand his death. At the same time, Daniela Katzenberger ensures that the little girl does not forget her grandfather.
              Daniela Katzenberger hopes that daughter Sophia will not forget her grandpa Costa Cordalis, who passed away in July, from her memory. Currently she does not have to worry about that, as a video clip on her Instagram page proves. "You remember how grandpa always called you, right?" Katzenberger asks her daughter. And the four-year old answers with joy: "Sophoulaki". This also touches her grandmother, Costas widow Ingrid Cordalis, who can be seen next to the little one in the clip. "I hope she remembers it for many years," Katzenberger writes with a glance at Sophia to the video and adds the hashtags " Greek Princess "and" Grandpa Costa ". On the demand of a follower, which means the "Sophoulaki" in German, she also adds: "This is a Greek Verniedlichung of 'Sophia'." First Christmas without CostaThe family is currently preparing for the first Christmas without Costa Cordalis. "It makes me sad, the first Christmas for Lucas without his father, for Sophia the first party without her grandfather and for me, he was like a father," said Katzenberger recently. For the sake of Sophia, they want to worry about the loss do not show anything, says Katzenberger. Your daughter should experience a carefree Christmas. "I would have wished Sophia more time with her grandfather (…) Sophia and Costa were a heart and a soul," said the 33-year-old.Daniela Katzenberger and Costa Cordalis' son Lucas have been a couple since the beginning of 2014. The daughter Sophia was born on 20 August 2015 in Worms. The parents celebrated their wedding on 4 June 2016 on Petersberg in Königswinter. The family lives since 2016 in Mallorca. Costa Cordalis died on 2 July 2019 at the age of 75 years in the circle of his family at home in the adopted country of Mallorca to organ failure.

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