SPD: The Greens hope for new elections – and still have to sort themselves

Tuesday, 03.12.2019
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Annalena Baerbock praises the coalition agreement in Saxony, she talks about agriculture, the climate conference in Madrid, the coal commission, multilateralism and NATO. The Green Party's eight-minute press conference is already over on Monday, when it still says a few lukewarm phrases on the subject, which especially upset Berlin's politics. "Congratulations to the two SPD party leaders." They were looking forward to working with them.


Oh yes, there was something.

The restraint is exactly as intended and arranged within the Green Leadership. Already at the weekend, the first reaction to the surprising success of Norbert Walter Borjans and Saskia Esken in the SPD runoff election had been reserved. It is based on a fair, objective and constructive cooperation, let Baerbock also co-chairman Robert Habeck and the faction leaders Anton Hofreiter and Katrin Göring-Eckardt communicate.

  The decision of the Social Democratic base for the Greens may be of enormous importance. An early break of the coalition and new elections, which have not just become less likely with Esken and Walter Borjans at the head of the SPD, would come at a very opportune time for the Greens. They are in surveys over 20 percent, would possibly be the second strongest force. And then the Greens want to rule.

No malice, no glee


Baerbock likes to emphasize once again that she is, of course, convinced that the great challenges of the times could be better tackled with green participation in the government. But the head of the Greens has apparently come to the conclusion that they are not entitled to evaluate the SPD decision or even call for an end to the coalition. "We have an elected government," says Baerbock.

  The Greens want to have a state bearing effect. Just no malice, no glee. For months leading party officials have stressed that they do not like the situation of the SPD. Habeck and Baerbock plead for respectful interaction with each other since their election – even with the political opponent. "In dealing with competitors Annalena and I try to free ourselves from the political rituals, the always-on-the-Dec-Hauen," said Habeck once in an interview with the "taz".

Voice of the vote # 121 – Flying high, falling deeply: how are you going to continue with the Greens?

  Not only is the party leadership buttoned up, but also from the group you hear little about the state of the government in general or the SPD in particular. Many are skeptical whether it actually comes to new elections. "New elections are constitutionally difficult for good reason," says the Bundestag Deputy Konstantin von Notz.


In fact, some in the Union are also playing other options in the event of a coalition breach. Even the "experimental character" of a minority government would have "charm," says Friedrich Merz. Chancellor Angela Merkel, however, sees this model more than skeptical – especially since Germany holds the EU Council Presidency in the second half of 2020, a stable government would have much more weight. Should new elections be necessary, they would probably have to take place before that.

The K question

  He is preparing for "many scenarios", emphasizes Federal Managing Director Michael Kellner. One thing is not part of this: Renewed Jamaica negotiations without new elections are, in the view of the Greens, meaningless given the current level of polling. "From our point of view, then the sovereign would have the word," says Baerbock.

  Quite easily the way in new elections but also for the Greens would not. As a potential 20-percent-plus-x party, they would have to quickly decide on the K question: Who will become Chancellor candidate? Robert Habeck or Annalena Baerbock?


Habeck brings from Schleswig-Holstein government experience as Minister of Agriculture with, he is known as Baerbock and was long quasi as set. But Baerbock is more popular in the party, it is considered integrating and strong leadership. At the party congress a few weeks ago, she got 97.1 percent, Habeck got 90.4 percent. In addition, the Greens see themselves as a feminist party – many members also want Baerbock as a candidate.

  The party insists that Baerbock and Habeck make the candidacy among themselves and put the Greens before fait accompli. As the discussion of the duo goes out, is still completely open. But it may have to be run faster than the Greens had planned.


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