What is that ?: First photos of Playstation 5 surfaced

              Monday, December 02, 2019

              First pictures of the upcoming Playstation 5 appear on the internet. They cover themselves with patent drawings, so they're probably real. But will Sony really sell the thing like this?
              25 years ago, on December 3, 1994, Sony introduced the first Playstation in Japan and changed the video game world with it. It has been said over and over again that console time is nearing the end, cloud gaming is the future. That may be, but the bumpy start of Google Stadia shows that streaming power still can not replace strong hardware. So you are also looking forward to the new Sony console, which should come to the end of 2020 on the market. Almost on time for the anniversary, the Playstation 5 has its first photos. Apparently you have to protect DevKits with patents. (Photo: LetsGoDigital) A Twitter user has posted an image that was apparently taken by a game developer. It shows side by side two futuristic consoles that have nothing in common with the current devices. That the photo is not a fake, shows the comparison with the drawings of a Sony patent that had discovered "LetsGoDigital" in the summer. On them is just as a console with a large V-shaped recess in the middle and pronounced cooling fins on the sides to see, as it shows the image of the Twitter user. Real, but very different, although the two devices are obviously Playstation If you do not see the devices that will make the Christmas 2020 gamers' hearts beat faster, you probably will not see the devices in the picture. Because they are probably developer kits. These are consoles that manufacturers give developer companies at a very early stage, so there are plenty of games to launch the market, which also exploit the capabilities of the new devices. In fact, the earlier Playstation developer consoles look quite different from the later series devices. This is how the developer version of the Playstation 4 looked like. (Photo: @ Dead_Harmony13) The fact that the patent drawings Sony's latest DevKit show, had tweeted, according to "GamePro" back in August Codemaster developer Matthew Stott to the patent drawings. He already has one in his office, he wrote in a tweet, which he later deleted. Anything but hot air could still be a charming explanation for the design, despite everything, that a V is the Roman number 5. But Tom Warren from "The Verge" delivers on Twitter the more plausible explanation. The DevKit has the unusual shape to make it easier to stack the console, which developers needed, for example, for stress testing with different software versions. The cooling can be derived so the hot air better in the middle and on the sides.

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